The Patreon is live!!

Just a small fish in a big pond trying to find my stream. Up front I want to thank you for clicking on my page and wanting to find out more. You Rock!!! Now I have 3 questions….

Do you love video games? How about cooking? Technology tickle your fancy? 
If you said yes to any of those questions then I have some great news for you!!!!   

Welcome home!

There are few things that I love more than video games, cooking, and tech…. I mean come on they are only the greatest things to happen since slice bread. I love the experiences and lessons learned from exploring each one of these topics that I just can’t keep it to myself anymore…

The passion of sharing these experiences started with a blog, has expanded into a youtube channel, and now I stream in several places.  

What does any of this have to do with why I should if I could donate to your Patreon????

Great Question! The answer is that with your help the boat stays afloat! 
Don’t worry if you can’t help out with patronage… spread the word about 30minutemedia! 
Like, Subscribe and share our content !!! 

Here is what the schedule/ plan I will work towards with your help:
Monday: Stream – Youtube, Mixer, Twitch
Tuesday: Talking Tech
Wednesday: The Art of Making
Thursday: Retro Replayz
Friday: A Week in Review
Saturday: Stream – Youtube, Mixer, Twitch
Sunday: Sunday Fundays – Chill Stream – Youtube, Mixer, Twitch

Keeping equipment up to date, producing content faster, exploring new content and giving back to the supporters!

We are small now but with each new member we become larger and stronger, without each and every one of you none of this is possible. 

I thank you again for reading through all of this and I hope that you consider becoming a patreon supporter!!!




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