A Brand New Series: #retweetitifyoubeatit

Besides being a catchy euphemism to draw your eye, the ultimate goal of this series is to drum up some attention for games that may not always get the mainstream audience they deserve. In order to do so, we need to talk up some games that already have that household appeal. I am encouraging everyone to not only read this post but also leave a story that you have had with the game each week. Whether its the story of how you beat the game, found a glitch, or a funny moment or two that you would like to share… We would love to hear it!

First up is a classic that everyone and their mother has played a time or two: Super Mario Bros.

It was one of the first if not the first game that I ever got to experience. White knuckling the controller as I am trying to beat the first fortress… should I risk hopping over Bowser or sneak my way under him…? No time to think this over have to go with my gut and… I didn’t make it under Bowser in time.. back to the beginning of the fortress to try it all over again. Little did I know that this and similar experiences like it would lead to a lifetime passion for gaming.

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