GBA4IOS a real game changer, pardon my pun.

I travel for work and I don’t have much time to game as I used to.

I have recently made the transition from traditional gaming over to the mobile gaming market. Sadly, Candy Crush and Angry birds have only gotten me so far during the start of this journey. Fortnite and PUBG mobile along with the Nintendo Switch bring me full fledged games in my hands but I am looking for some variety in my game play and not have to carry another device. Let me tell you a little something about the nostalgia factor of Game Boy Advance(GBA) and Game Boy Color(GBC).

Are you a Gamer Nerd that doesn’t quite have the time to play like you used to?

Hate having to carry around all of these gaming devices and gaming cartridges? Own an iPhone? Miss playing classics like Pokemon Red or Gold (shots fired Blue and Silver fans)? Go and download yourself some GBA4IOS (at your own risk of course)

The legality of GBA4IOS is sketchy at best and you really should already own either a GBA and GBC before using this software as a form of “backup”. *Note I am not endorsing the use of emulators or ROMs but simply pointing out their existence and availability on the iPhone without the need of jail breaking the phone.  As previously mentioned here: Shameless Plug

I have had a ton of fun playing through some of the games from my childhood and discovering new ones gems that I would love to add to my collection. Talk about breaking up the monotony of the same route day after day with limited options for gaming.

The GBA4IOS app makes it super easy to get new games.

The feature is within the app and has a nice search filter:

The controls and layover screens are both appealing and flow nicely with the games:


One major downside is the inability to play fighting games or games that require quite a bit of difficult inputs. Turning around quickly is pretty difficult at times and this system is more conducive to RPGs or Strategy games.  Here is a prime example (I swear I’m better than this but this part really got me good):

Overall its worth a try if you have owned or currently own a GBA or GBC but don’t want to carry those along with a phone and tablet and laptop and everything else needed for work or school.

I’m having fun and I bet that you will too!

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