It’s That Time of the Year, Again!

Hello all!  This is budzoog3, and I am pleased to be apart of this blog.  I would like to thank 30 Minute Media for the opportunity to be able to share my thoughts with this community.  I hope it will be a fun and exciting journey together.


And with that, I would like to tackle one of my favorite topics… Christmas Music!




There are a lot of critics that say when the “button” should be pushed for listening to the tunes.  A lot of traditionalists say that you should wait until after Thanksgiving.  That you should give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves.  Well, I say too bad.  What does it matter if I like playing Christmas Music right after Halloween?  Personally, I think the Christmas season is too short as it is, and it really is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Andy Williams).  So I say you listen whenever you want to.  I have been guilty of sneaking some tunes in during the summer months.  It puts a smile on my face.


Sirius XM actually hit the “button” on November 1st.  They feature a channel that is exclusively the 40’s-60’s, Holiday Traditions, and a modern channel, Holly.  I was the guy that left my post at work so I could run to my car and make it just in time to hear the first song on channel 4.  I thought the choice of Bing Crosby’s, White Christmas, was a phenomenal selection.  I cannot argue starting the season with the best-selling single of ALL TIME.  On a side note, Irving Berlin was truly unbelievable.




The Holiday Traditions channel has been super, however, I strongly feel that they could bust out even more tunes.  While I do appreciate the obscure artists and different songs, I feel that the could do more.  For instance, I would love to finally hear Perry Como’s, Christmas Dream played on the radio (If you get nothing else from this post, just please download that song.  It is fantastic and has a great message to slow down and enjoy what is going on).  Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s, Monster’ Holiday (Monster Mash sequel) is a fun song that everyone can enjoy.


When I was driving home on Tuesday, I was shocked to find that Chicago based 93.9 FM switched to the All-Christmas format.  They usually wait at least another week historically, but they must have hit the “button” early with the cold weather rolling in.  While I enjoy the Holiday Tradition channel, it is always fun to listen to 93.9 and hear Mariah Carey’s, All I Want for Christmas is You song 3,227,385,738 times (Personally I am not a fan of the song, but I know it is popular).  However, while listening to 93.9, I noticed that they played Happy Holiday’s by Andy Williams and Paul McCartney’s, Wonderful Christmastime (Two of my all-time favorites).  It was in this instance that I realized the exposure to 93.9 and the Holiday Tradition’s channel was simply not enough.


I hit my personal “button” on November 9th this year.  I have 244 tunes lined up on my iTunes and am always looking for more.  I immediately played Christmas is for Children by Glen Campbell (RIP).  Some of my more obscure deep Christmas favorites that I have not mentioned yet include: This Time of the Year (Ray Charles), The Bells of St. Mary’s (Andy Williams), Christmas Auld Lang Syne (Bobby Darin), Christmas Mem’ries (Rosemary Clooney), Kids (Kenny Rogers), The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (Nat King Cole) and Old Toy Trains (Roger Miller).  There are plenty more that I love that were not mentioned.


Some of my favorite fun Christmas songs include: Christmastime All Over the World (Sammy Davis Jr.)  He has no idea what those kids are saying!, I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas (Yogi Yorgesson), Marshmallow World (Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin)  Those guys were bombed!, 12 Days of Christmas (The McKenzie Brothers) and I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ For Christmas (Stan Freberg).  I am sure that I am forgetting a lot, but these tunes jumped out at me.


Between all of the radio stations and my personal collection, I should be set up pretty well for the next 2 months.  However, I am always looking for new additions.  I just added Believe by Josh Groban into my playlist.  It is a decent song with a deep meaning.


People ask me when I turn back to the regular music.  I like to keep the Christmas tunes going until January 3rd.  I appreciate the tunes on New Years and I just am not ready to turn them off until January.  I do not appreciate the people who turn them off at 12:01 on the 26th (Looking at you 93.9).  They should be played until January 1st, in my opinion.


So go on to Dunkin Donuts, pick up a Vanilla Chai, get into your PJ’s and start spinning the tunes!  You have less than 2 months to enjoy, so get to it!


Feel free to leave some comments if you have any recommendations for me, or if you would like some other songs that I enjoy for your Annual Christmas Parties.


Until Next Time,


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