A Chicago Handshake

Yesterday my girlfriend and I were out celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday in the only way that we truly know how: Karaoke.

After screeching out a rendition of The Killers “When You Were Young”, I am not nearly the singer that I know I am in the shower, the bartender offered me a handshake of sorts and said that I was going to enjoy this one….

What I thought was just a friendly gesture in the Windy City turned out to be the perfect pairing of liquid courage and regret.

A Chicago Handshake is Tall boy (16 oz) Old Style and a shot of Jeppson’s Malört.  Now for those of you have not had the pleasure of experiencing that unique combo let me sum it up for you:  a sucker punch to the face followed up by a bag of peas to ease the swelling.

I recommend anyone who is of legal age to find a buddy and have yourselves a Chicago Handshake, at least once in your life. The blending of the two flavors are unlike any other that I have experience in my brief journey into tasting vastly different pairing of this nature. Just be prepared for your next song at karaoke to make the crowd to go wild as that sour look on your face is definitely going to have your fans up and cheering.


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