Shazam! BILLY!!!! Shazam!

A mixture of dark tones and laughs at super hero origin movies: Shazam! electrifies the audience with a script that must be 50% comprised of two words that are shouted over and over SHAZAM! and BILLY!!


I won’t spoil anything here and I will keep this review rather short.

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The Art of Making: Dog Food

Welcome back to the Cooking Corner! In this edition of “The Art of Making” we take a bite out of crime by making our own dog food.


Yep…. I’m one of those dog owners who spoil their dogs with homemade food. Is it all that surprising 😉 I like to monitor what goes into my body so why not pass it along to my furry best friends.

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The Patreon is live!!

Just a small fish in a big pond trying to find my stream. Up front I want to thank you for clicking on my page and wanting to find out more. You Rock!!! Now I have 3 questions….

Do you love video games? How about cooking? Technology tickle your fancy? 
If you said yes to any of those questions then I have some great news for you!!!!   

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About last night… Stream Delay/Update

For those of you who tried to tune in last night for the release of ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Grove! two things. First, thank you so much for all of the support! Secondly, I want to apologize for not streaming. After furiously trying to figure out why it still wasn’t working, I happened upon a kick starter update. Turns out that the Greg Johnson, one of the minds behind the original and the latest game, is doing a Nintendo Ask Me Anything(AMA) over on Reddit. Tune in at March 1st at 10 AM PST/1 EST. More information about the AMA and more can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1578116861/toejam-and-earl-back-in-the-groove/posts/2431220.

I am speculating here but the game most likely won’t release until right before the AMA or right I imagine this could be just in case the game didn’t turn out as planned. I can’t be certain but this might explain possible mid day release.

I’ll bring you an update as soon as can get the game started. A rescheduled stream time will be announced shortly after that.

Sorry for the delay, this caught me by surprise and totally bummed me out last night. A release date used to mean that the game was coming out at midnight but I guess that has changed, starting to sound like a real old man hahaha. In the future, I will be more careful when announcing stream times and alerting everyone when a stream needs to be canceled.

Thanks again for all of the support this last month!! February was the relaunching of the website and without you none of this would have been possible.

UPDATE #1 Looks like 8 hours until Launch

Retro Replay: ToeJam and Earl

Welcome to Retro Replay, a series in which I play games from SNES and SEGA era and share my experiences. Speaking of which, I recently stumbled upon the Sega Genesis Classics collection on the Nintendo Switch. I won’t go into great detail about what’s inside of this collection but it’s quite the riot. One minor feature that blows my mind, is that you have to virtually take the game you want to play off a shelf and put it into the virtual Genesis… so clever.

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The Art of Making: Adult Lunchables

Welcome back to the Cooking Corner! In this edition of “The Art of Making”, we go travel back in time to make a slamming classic: Adult Lunchables. As a kid, Lunchables were coveted….a puddling cup, that’s nice kid, watch me make a custom pizza. As a self proclaimed man-child, Lunchables are still something that I have fun building and playing with. I mean let’s be real for a sec… they are both a “food” and “toy”.

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The Art of Making: Smoked Gouda Burgers

Welcome back to the Cooking Corner! In this edition of “The Art of Making”, we will learn how to make a dish from a somewhat recent phenomenon: the gourmet burger. Smoked Gouda Burgers to be more specific which happens to be a favorite of mine that I cannot wait to share. 

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A Brand New Series: #retweetitifyoubeatit

Besides being a catchy euphemism to draw your eye, the ultimate goal of this series is to drum up some attention for games that may not always get the mainstream audience they deserve. In order to do so, we need to talk up some games that already have that household appeal. I am encouraging everyone to not only read this post but also leave a story that you have had with the game each week. Whether its the story of how you beat the game, found a glitch, or a funny moment or two that you would like to share… We would love to hear it!

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The Art of Making: Causa

Welcome back to the Cooking Corner! In this edition of “The Art of Making”, we are learning to prepare a mean batch of yet another traditional Peruvian cuisine: Causa. I am also excited to announce that back by popular demand is (imagine a boxing announcer saying all this) our teacher and Peruvian native, Tia! If you don’t know who Tia is, then you probably haven’t read the article: The Art of Making: Tamales, which is a read that I highly recommend.

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A Farewell to Google +

Farewell Google Plus.

Will you be missed?

Meh… probably not, but I will remember you….

Image result for prayer hands emoji

Stay strong Google!

1 Like equals 1 Prayer!!!

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