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A few examples of the types of media covered:

Lord of the Rings The Two Tower:  Book and my experience with watching this movie with a live orchestra playing the music from the film.

The Strain: The book and how closely the TV show holds true.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: A “lovely” Xbox live game that I have been hooked on lately.





Isle of Dogs: An easy target for a dogpile.

A stop motion film that is absolutely breathtaking.

Isle of Dogs isn’t going to the dogs any time soon.

Isle of Dogs is the latest Wes Anderson vehicle and its about a boy named Atari attempting to find his dog and bring him back home after the government exiles all dogs to an island made out of garbage. The visuals are an excellent combination of traditional animation and stop motion, which are very appealing to eye. The movie’s run time is an hour and 41 minutes and at times it can feel longer. Check out the trailer at this link: Movie Trailer

My recommended audience for this film is anyone above the age of 12.

The reason for this is due to the subject matter at hand and the fact that although the movie is a beautiful piece of art there isn’t as much happening on screen to keep the attention of younger audiences and the pace is a little slower than a typical children’s flick.

Top 4 favorite things about the film:

  • The voice acting was fabulous
    • A strong cast of voice actors were brought on board for this project: names like Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Ed Norton and Yoko Ono, just to name a few!
  • The puppets were breathtaking
    • Not much more I can say to sum up how beautiful this film can be at times.


  • The seamless handling of conversations between dogs and people.
    • The dogs can understand each other and can’t understand the humans and yet it doesn’t impede the pack of dogs from helping Atari throughout the film.
  • The incredibly clever work around for translating Japanese to English without it being overbearing or taking me out of the film.
    • Whenever there is a speech, the translator flips a switch on the box call something along the lines of auto translate or instant translator subtitle will appear on screen along with voice over work in English.
    • Any time Atari talks to the dogs, however, his words are left in Japanese so not only do the dogs not know what he is saying but neither do we. Simple and clever in my opinion.

One downside of the movie is that there are too many traveling scenes.

I acknowledge that they wanted to get the vastness of the garbage island across and traveling from one side to the other is no easy feat. In reality, it would cut at most 15 minutes from the film, which might of helped the pacing a bit.

Who am I to give advice to Wes Anderson, what an asshole I am… Mr. Anderson obviously knows what he is doing and that is why this is my only downside for the film.

Cheese Gromit CHEESE!

The movie takes me back to the days when I used to watch VHS tapes of Wallace and Gromit. I  knew they were made of clay and mesmerized by their ability to make such fluid movements.  My younger self couldn’t figure out how it all worked but I knew that what I was watching was something special.

The Elephant in the room

I now know that there is a ton of controversy around this film. The review is bare of these topics due to the fact that I went into the movie blind of them. I hope that we can discuss our opinions on the matter in a respectful way and keep it PG in the comment section.

The depiction of Japan throughout the film has been interpreted as racist and “cultural appropriation” has been mentioned online. I am placing this section here to inform those who may not have read anything on the subject. Please seek other sites if you would like to further inform yourself about this side of the film. I am willing to take this conversation further but not at this time.


As a lifelong dog lover and a recent convert to the cat side, I was looking forward to this movie. Stop motion animation is an impressive art form that is displayed wonderfully on the big screen. Grab your Moivepass, head over to your favorite theater and check out this flick, now that it has a wide release.  The film made for a perfect double date night and is an absolute spectacle to witness.


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GBA4IOS a real game changer, pardon my pun.

I travel for work and I don’t have much time to game as I used to.

I have recently made the transition from traditional gaming over to the mobile gaming market. Sadly, Candy Crush and Angry birds have only gotten me so far during the start of this journey. Fortnite and PUBG mobile along with the Nintendo Switch bring me full fledged games in my hands but I am looking for some variety in my game play and not have to carry another device. Let me tell you a little something about the nostalgia factor of Game Boy Advance(GBA) and Game Boy Color(GBC).

Are you a Gamer Nerd that doesn’t quite have the time to play like you used to?

Hate having to carry around all of these gaming devices and gaming cartridges? Own an iPhone? Miss playing classics like Pokemon Red or Gold (shots fired Blue and Silver fans)? Go and download yourself some GBA4IOS (at your own risk of course)

The legality of GBA4IOS is sketchy at best and you really should already own either a GBA and GBC before using this software as a form of “backup”. *Note I am not endorsing the use of emulators or ROMs but simply pointing out their existence and availability on the iPhone without the need of jail breaking the phone.  As previously mentioned here: Shameless Plug

I have had a ton of fun playing through some of the games from my childhood and discovering new ones gems that I would love to add to my collection. Talk about breaking up the monotony of the same route day after day with limited options for gaming.

The GBA4IOS app makes it super easy to get new games.

The feature is within the app and has a nice search filter:

The controls and layover screens are both appealing and flow nicely with the games:


One major downside is the inability to play fighting games or games that require quite a bit of difficult inputs. Turning around quickly is pretty difficult at times and this system is more conducive to RPGs or Strategy games.  Here is a prime example (I swear I’m better than this but this part really got me good):

Overall its worth a try if you have owned or currently own a GBA or GBC but don’t want to carry those along with a phone and tablet and laptop and everything else needed for work or school.

I’m having fun and I bet that you will too!

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The Lucky Few: A Fortnite Tale (Bonus Fortnite Closed Beta Key Giveaway)

Be the among the first three to complete the quest to win a Fortnite Mobile Key!! Good Luck


I can barely touch the keys this game is on fire right now. If you haven’t heard of Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG), let me help you get out from under that rock….. grandma and grandpa.

Fortnite and PUBG have taken the premise of movies like The Hunger Game ( Rue’s whistle) and Battle Royale (check the trailer out) and made it into a video game. There are a couple of modes that I have played and each has its ups and downs but here are the most common modes… 1 v 99, 2 v 98 and 4 v 96.

That’s right!!! You read that correctly its you versus everyone else. Let me tell you when you first get into this game it feels like such a climb to get even into the top 75, however, after a couple of games things start to click…. that first victory feels sooooooo good!!!

Below are my stats to date:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile:


Opening Screen for PUBG:


  • Got to love that shirtless look….. I still haven’t unlocked a shirt

Fortnite Mobile and Xbox One Lifetime:fornite stats

Opening Screen for Fortnite:


  • Great look and feel to this opening screen and the ninja suit is bad ass.

I was apart of a lucky bunch that got several keys to the closed beta of Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile.  I am currently running a Giveaway of Fortnite Keys!!!

Here is your quest:

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  4. Post a comment below stating that you have completed 1-3 and whether you like Fortnite or PUBG more
  5. The first three to do the above three will receive a Private Message from us asking the best method for sending your Fortnite Mobile Key.

A fun side project for the winners,  Squadnite in the Fortnite! Play on Twitch and then let the readers watch it on stream or on a VOD afterwards.

I have played both PUBG and Fortnite here is my opinion on which one is “better”…

I’m drawing a line in the sand!!!

Drum roll please …..

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

The fact that I was able to get in the top 10 and win within my first 2 matches totally plays into this decision and the fact that the end of the game doesn’t come down to building wacky forts and turtling up.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Finally a return to normalcy

Welcome back everyone!!

Thanks for patiently waiting while I took care of somethings outside of the blog and business.

Well as you all may know things have been happening since I last posted.

  • New layout for the Site
  • Updated Logo
  • Streaming on Twitch from Mobile
  • Youtube account created
  • Brand new teespring store

A dedicated schedule is coming into play now that I have a better idea of what the outside world will be throwing at me.

There will be more new items coming in the future so stay tuned for more!






Dare I say it…MoviePass

I swear I have a legitimate reason for the delay and it is MoviePass. Instead of feverishly writing my first post, I have been, for lack of a better word, stalking MoviePass.

A giant Peruvian hello to 30 minute media followers! I know it’s been a “minute” (Ha. Dad joke) since I was introduced.

I swear I have a legitimate reason for the delay and it is MoviePass. Instead of feverishly writing my first post, I have been, for lack of a better word, stalking MoviePass. I made the mistake of signing up for MoviePass at the height of its popularity. For those of you who don’t know what MoviePass is, let me fill you in. MoviePass is a 10 dollar/month subscription that lets you watch unlimited 2D movies in theaters. “Talk about a cheap date night!” is what I thought when I signed up. Flash forward to…..

I ordered my card in August. I waited an appropriate amount of time for my card without a peep to customer service.

1 month passes by, no card. Then I get a joyful ping to my phone. An email from MoviePass! My utter enjoyment turned to frustration as they told me to be patient, their service centers had been overwhelmed by the demand. BUT there was some hope at the end of the tunnel, the email also set a deadline. I’m a type A personality and can definitely get behind a deadline but, alas, the deadline came and went and my mailbox and heart were movieless.

I miss mediocre remakes of It and Blade Runner and was unable to get my “JLaw being artsy” on.

MoviePass taunted me by posting on FB “Who went to see Blade Runner this weekend?” I contacted MoviePass through legitimate means by going through their customer service app and sending an email through their website. No response. I tried again. Nothing. Then I went full blown “I know we are meant to be together. Why can’t you see it?” I found every social media account MoviePass has made. I contacted them through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I would have done MySpace had I remembered my account info. Unfortunately, I misplaced that right around the same time I lost my AIM password.

“I got this icebox where my heart used to be.” Who knew when Omarion sang this song he was referring to precisely this moment in my live.

When MoviePass responded to all my posts with a stinging silence I had two options: I could give up all hope and pay for my movies or I could dig my heels in and demand my card. Like Martha Stewart, I’ve never been a quitter. So I decided to post on all their social media account plus their customer service options every day until I got a response. Dare I say it (Ha. Title in the blog post), I went almost 3 weeks. I was generally nice about it until Thor:Ragnarok came out. Don’t mess with a girl and her Marvel.

Thor+The Hulk+witty banter=me paying full price for a movie ticket.

But MoviePass wasn’t done with me yet. Then the emails started. They said:

“It looks like you should have received your MoviePass card. We will start charging you tomorrow.”

Believe me!

Had I gotten my MoviePass, I wouldn’t be on social media. I’d be enjoying a nice and buttery popcorn from a showing of Bad Mom’s Christmas. I kept pressing the link “I haven’t received my card yet.” which just meant they would continue to taunt me with emails about my card.

Finally, after 3 months of being jerked around this angel appeared from the light.

I finally got a message from MoviePass on Instagram! It felt like the skies had cleared and finally the MoviePass gods had answered. They (whoever they are) said my card would arrive in 10-14 business day. Lucky them, it came after 5 business days. I wasn’t counting my “French hens” just yet (Christmas shoutout). Now it was time to test if it worked. I didn’t want the stakes too high so I wasn’t gonna try and go to Justice League. I decided on Bad Mom’s Christmas. Tension was high as the movie attendent swiped my MoviePass Card. Would I be thrown back into the dysfunctional relationship I had already established with MoviePass or would I finally taste that delicious, buttery popcorn?

Drum roll, please……it worked!

After all this drama, would I do it again? Hell yes! Like any bad break up, I learned a lot about myself. Persistence really is key and sometimes you gotta work for what you want. If you’re looking for me, just stop by our local movie theater. I’ll be the one with a bucket of popcorn in the front.

If you are interested in your own soul searching adventure feel free to use this code:

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It’s That Time of the Year, Again!

Hello all!  This is budzoog3, and I am pleased to be apart of this blog.  I would like to thank 30 Minute Media for the opportunity to be able to share my thoughts with this community.  I hope it will be a fun and exciting journey together.


And with that, I would like to tackle one of my favorite topics… Christmas Music!




There are a lot of critics that say when the “button” should be pushed for listening to the tunes.  A lot of traditionalists say that you should wait until after Thanksgiving.  That you should give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves.  Well, I say too bad.  What does it matter if I like playing Christmas Music right after Halloween?  Personally, I think the Christmas season is too short as it is, and it really is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Andy Williams).  So I say you listen whenever you want to.  I have been guilty of sneaking some tunes in during the summer months.  It puts a smile on my face.


Sirius XM actually hit the “button” on November 1st.  They feature a channel that is exclusively the 40’s-60’s, Holiday Traditions, and a modern channel, Holly.  I was the guy that left my post at work so I could run to my car and make it just in time to hear the first song on channel 4.  I thought the choice of Bing Crosby’s, White Christmas, was a phenomenal selection.  I cannot argue starting the season with the best-selling single of ALL TIME.  On a side note, Irving Berlin was truly unbelievable.




The Holiday Traditions channel has been super, however, I strongly feel that they could bust out even more tunes.  While I do appreciate the obscure artists and different songs, I feel that the could do more.  For instance, I would love to finally hear Perry Como’s, Christmas Dream played on the radio (If you get nothing else from this post, just please download that song.  It is fantastic and has a great message to slow down and enjoy what is going on).  Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s, Monster’ Holiday (Monster Mash sequel) is a fun song that everyone can enjoy.


When I was driving home on Tuesday, I was shocked to find that Chicago based 93.9 FM switched to the All-Christmas format.  They usually wait at least another week historically, but they must have hit the “button” early with the cold weather rolling in.  While I enjoy the Holiday Tradition channel, it is always fun to listen to 93.9 and hear Mariah Carey’s, All I Want for Christmas is You song 3,227,385,738 times (Personally I am not a fan of the song, but I know it is popular).  However, while listening to 93.9, I noticed that they played Happy Holiday’s by Andy Williams and Paul McCartney’s, Wonderful Christmastime (Two of my all-time favorites).  It was in this instance that I realized the exposure to 93.9 and the Holiday Tradition’s channel was simply not enough.


I hit my personal “button” on November 9th this year.  I have 244 tunes lined up on my iTunes and am always looking for more.  I immediately played Christmas is for Children by Glen Campbell (RIP).  Some of my more obscure deep Christmas favorites that I have not mentioned yet include: This Time of the Year (Ray Charles), The Bells of St. Mary’s (Andy Williams), Christmas Auld Lang Syne (Bobby Darin), Christmas Mem’ries (Rosemary Clooney), Kids (Kenny Rogers), The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (Nat King Cole) and Old Toy Trains (Roger Miller).  There are plenty more that I love that were not mentioned.


Some of my favorite fun Christmas songs include: Christmastime All Over the World (Sammy Davis Jr.)  He has no idea what those kids are saying!, I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas (Yogi Yorgesson), Marshmallow World (Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin)  Those guys were bombed!, 12 Days of Christmas (The McKenzie Brothers) and I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ For Christmas (Stan Freberg).  I am sure that I am forgetting a lot, but these tunes jumped out at me.


Between all of the radio stations and my personal collection, I should be set up pretty well for the next 2 months.  However, I am always looking for new additions.  I just added Believe by Josh Groban into my playlist.  It is a decent song with a deep meaning.


People ask me when I turn back to the regular music.  I like to keep the Christmas tunes going until January 3rd.  I appreciate the tunes on New Years and I just am not ready to turn them off until January.  I do not appreciate the people who turn them off at 12:01 on the 26th (Looking at you 93.9).  They should be played until January 1st, in my opinion.


So go on to Dunkin Donuts, pick up a Vanilla Chai, get into your PJ’s and start spinning the tunes!  You have less than 2 months to enjoy, so get to it!


Feel free to leave some comments if you have any recommendations for me, or if you would like some other songs that I enjoy for your Annual Christmas Parties.


Until Next Time,


A warm welcome to our new writers

I am excited to announce that two new writers are joining our team, please join me in welcoming Budzoog3 and Adorabelle!!

Today I have some very exciting news!!

The 30minutemedia family is getting bigger and I am thrilled to announce that two new writers are joining our team, please join me in welcoming Budzoog3 and Adorabelle!!!


A sports fanatic and retro gaming efficanoto, he brings a wealth of knowledge that won’t be found elsewhere. A recent convert into the movie going scene, I am sure that we can expect a nugget of truth on cinematic masterpieces as well as picture perfect flops. A secret Christmas tune enthusiast, from Crosby to Charlie Brown, Budzood3 has so much to share when it comes to this yearly tradition. I looking forward to reading about when it’s time to “push the button” for optimal Christmas tunes enjoyment and the perfect drink to partake in as well.


All about TV and celebrity gossip, bringing what seems like a never ending pool of bar trivia level insight on the latest and greatest surrounding those two topics. Adorabelle is not only your go to source for the inside scoop, she will deliver us a double scoop about the happenings in regards to her DIY projects that she has been working on. She will also keep you up to date with some of the cutest animal videos, but don’t let me be the judge of that, come and find out for yourself!





Thor Ragnarok: Thumbs up! 

What does 30minutemedia think of Thor Ragnarok? Come and find out!

In between stuffing fists full of popcorn in my mouth (sometimes while) I laughed, maybe a little too much, at this movie.

Amongst the lovable banter between Banner and Thor, the one liners that kept popping back up throughout and, a that mistivious yet convenient plot hurdler Loki… Thor Ragnarok had a lot to offer audiences.

Okay Okay so I will admit this upfront so that way there aren’t questions about it… I have not seen the first two Thor movies in their entirety. I know, shame on me, how can I possible even consider the thought of writing something about this franchise without viewing them beforehand. Well I might get around to it someday but that day isn’t today. Onwards!!!

Never fear though, I have a simple solution for whether or not you should consider seeing this movie is this: Did you enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy?

You do… Great go see this movie and let me know if you agree with my threshold.

You don’t… Why the hell are you reading this?


Bonus reasons to go out and watch Thor Ragnarok:

  • Zany characters and a new planet
  • Hot hot hot rainbow bridge action
  • Family drama
  • The hulk being incredible
  • That haircut!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Huge dog fan so I love the huge dog in this movie
  • Can’t get enough Loki
  • Did I mention that things get a little Strange, Doctor
  • Jokes Jokes and more one liners than even the great Mitch Hedberg would know what to do with
  • Epic Mickey 2  That’s what heroes do conspiracy

Twitch Streaming Recap: Lessons Learned

Twitch Streaming Recap: Lessons Learned. Highs and Lows of streaming

Last night 30minutemedia took to twitch for its premiere streaming event and it was a smashing success.

First and foremost I want to thank all of those who made the time to come and support the stream, everyone was such a big help!

Although the initial creation and setup of an account and getting the basics in place for Twitch was relatively easy, we did run into some technical difficulties in the first portion of the stream. We walked away with three major lessons for the next stream.

Lesson 1:  When streaming over wifi make sure to tweak the stream quality settings before going live.
  • The Xbox One Twitch app has three major settings and then one that allows it to automatically detect the quality, regardless of how crazy awesome of a set up you have I would recommend using that last option. During the stream comments were coming through stating that either the stream was super choppy(see pic below) or that the it was froze all together and that in turn lead to the viewer count becoming super choppy itself.
Lesson 2: Check all sound levels.
  • I am a person who loves to blast the sweet sweet tunes of Sonic at the highest possible volume while playing… however when trying to make commentary over said music I was finding myself shouting in order to beat out those tunes. I would recommend turning down the volume of both the sound effects and music till you think its far too quiet and then give it another turn of the “knob” just a little more.  Viewers found it hard to hear what was being said and I wasn’t aware of it until far too late, which leads me to my next lesson.
Lesson 3: Pay attention to chat.
  • As a long time gamer it’s easy to get caught up in the action while gaming, trust me and if you don’t just ask the viewers from last night’s stream lol. I was getting alerts from the chat room letting me know about all of the issues that were happening with the stream and I was oblivious due to the fact that it all was going smoothly from my side of things. Do yourself and favor and have either a second screen dedicated to the chat or pull out your phone and keep that in eyesight. Most viewers don’t just want to watch you play a game but want to interact with you while you stream both for good things and bad things. They want to have just as good of a time as you are having, so give them a real shot at it by giving them a voice!!!
Bonus Lesson: Mute your second device.
  • This one might seem a bit obvious to some but after doing your prestream checks make sure to mute the second device that you are watching the stream with otherwise you will get some serious feedback loops and the audio for the stream will be ruined pretty quickly. Luckily, we caught this one early on and saved the second portion of the stream.

With these lessons in mind, we look to continue to make improvements to the stream. Plans for a scheduled time to do streaming are in the works and 30minutemedia is always open to discussion about what games should be played and any improvements you think we could make to the stream a whole.

Let us know what game you think we should play next, leave a comment below!

As of right now it looks as if streaming could take place for an hour or two twice a week. The schedule will be posted here and on all social media outlets that we use. We will be looking to bounce around between all of the available streaming products out there now as well, at this moment we could stream on Youtube and Microsoft’s Mixer, it all depends on which becomes the best fit for our needs.

In case you missed the stream don’t frete! I will be posting the videos on Youtube within the next day or so and maybe some more surprise content to follow on that channel as well!

As always don’t forget to like and subscribe and follow us on social media at the links below:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/30minute_media

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCby3qETTX_8vXkDu9X7Qovg

Happy Halloween!!!


Streaming Sonic Mania

First Impression and Play of Sonic Mania for the Xbox One streaming on Twitch

Going Live at 8:30 PM Central Time.

Check out our first impression and play of Sonic Mania at https://www.twitch.tv/30minutemedia

Come join in on the chat and get to know 30minutemedia and some fellow followers of the blog.


A big thank you to all that came a supported the stream! I know that there were technical difficulties that were worked through and all of the feedback was welcomed! I don’t know about you guys and gals out there but I am excited about the next stream to come.